AGM CPVC Price List

AGM CPVC Pipe fittings SizesPrice list
AGM CPVC Pipe 1/2″675
AGM CPVC Pipe 3/4″945
AGM CPVC Pipe 1″1325
AGM CPVC Pipe 1-1/4″2470
AGM CPVC Pipe 1-1/2″2660
AGM CPVC Pipe 2″3765
AGM CPVC Elbow 1/2″70
AGM CPVC Elbow 3/4″99
AGM CPVC Elbow 1″168
AGM CPVC Brass Elbow 1/2″270
AGM CPVC Brass Valve Socket 1/2″175
AGM CPVC Tee 1/2″90
AGM CPVC Brass Female Tee 1/2″370
AGM CPVC Union 1/2″430
AGM CPVC Male Adaptor 1/2″26
AGM CPVC Cross Bend 1/2″104
AGM CPVC End Cap 1/2″68
AGM CPVC Brass Female Socket 1/2″167
AGM CPVC Solvent Cement 473ml2695
AGM PVC Cleaner 237ml606
AGM CPVC Price list Total0
AGM CPVC Price list

AGM manufacture Pipes as per ASTM F-441 Solvent joint for residential Buildings plumbing system or more applications.

AGM CPVC fittings manufacturing standards ASTM F-439 Sch. 80 CPVC Pressure Fitting Solvent joint

agm cpvc manufacturing standards

Mechanical strength of AGM CPVC Pipe fittings at higher temperatures till 93° C.

agm cpvc Temperature

AGM Pipes Length available in 6 meter

agm cpvc Pipe Length

Sizes AGM Pipes available from 1/2″ to 2″ both pipes and fittings

agm cpvc Pipe size


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